The Breakthrough: Moving Beyond the Sticking Points is Nicholas Aruho’s first self-help book that was published in 2014. The book was written to help young people, especially those fresh from university (or other tertiary institutions) and professionals at the beginning of their careers.
Most young people struggle with transitioning from school life to professional life. The situation is not helped by our education system that doesn’t address real-life challenges faced after school. Students are not taught how to look for a job, how to write a good CV, how to answer interview questions, how to deal with people and think critically.
Most young people graduate and go out to look for jobs but they don’t know where to start, with most of them making so many mistakes and only learning the hard way after wasting a lot of time. In Part One of the book, Nicholas suggests solutions to bridge that divide by sharing practical ideas on how one can increase their chances of securing a job in the competitive job market. After reading the book, one will know the realities in the job market, where to look for a job, how to write a winning CV, how to answer job interview questions and so on.
Part Two covers how to succeed at work (after getting the job). This part is meant to help young professionals at the beginning of their careers to quickly make their mark at their work places. Nicholas writes about how success in school will not guarantee you success at work, how to thrive at work in a competitive environment, how attitude affects you at work and generally how to succeed at work. The reader also gets to learn some leadership skills by reading about how to build and lead high performing teams.
Part Three of the book plunges into the murky waters of personal finance. After getting a job and doing it successfully, one certainly earns money as a reward. However, most young corporates (even old ones anyway) make so many money mistakes. Most people earn money but somehow it (money) keeps “disappearing” from their hands. The Breakthrough shares ideas on how one can save, why financial knowledge is important and how the elite class can deal with their money issues. The book also covers how to identify investment opportunities and how to start a business so as to embark on entrepreneurship.
In only 134 pages, The Breakthrough is able to guide a young person on how to transition from school life to having a successful career. The reader is able to know the dynamics of how to look for a job, how to succeed at work and how to deal with money – things every young professional must know. Generally, the book is about dealing with real life immediately after school.

New Book

Beyond Education, a book by Nicholas Aruho.
Reviewed by Tom Namara.
Beyond Education is the latest to be reeled off Nicholas Aruho’s incessant production line and, needless to say, is in characteristic consonance with his pet subject, life.
In Beyond Education, Nicholas not only takes the reader on a carefully navigated roller coaster ride through modern day life’s challenges not atypical to the Joe average on the street, but also readily provides remedies; both anecdotal and factual.
In his characteristic thorough, no-stone-unturned style, the author delves into:
As sure as night follows day, we all, at one time or other, have to engage in negotiation; sometimes unwittingly. It’s inevitable. Beyond Education provides some crucial tidbits to chew the cud upon and, trust me, whoever borrows a leaf from the approaches espoused in this book can do no wrong.
Now, this is one area that keeps all on tenterhooks, irrespective of age, educational level, religion, race, name it. Beyond Education takes a no-holds-barred approach towards examining the complex twists and turns that relationships are made of, and also offers panacea depending on context.
Decision Making.
Whoever does not give decision making its requisite importance on their list of priorities shall, sooner or later, be in for a rude shock. For every pursuit in life begins as an idea upon which a decision is made. Want to learn how to make good decisions no matter the circumstances? Try Beyond Education.
Personal Finance.
“God made man, man made money, and money made man go mad”, or so the old adage goes. If there’s one subject that cuts across human kind as of paramount importance, it’s personal finance. Beyond Education explores the different situations we oftentimes find ourselves amidst that require of us to be finance savvy. If you’re looking for answers to questions on this topic, Beyond Education is your best bet.
Managing Social Media.
To say that social media is the new phenomenon that has taken the world by storm would constitute the understatement of the millenium! This is one area that, due to its novelty, has changed the information landscape. Needless to say, we now live in the information age and, therefore, Beyond Education comes in handy to help us cope up. Try it; you’ll not regret.
This is just the tip of the iceberg in regards to the edification one can realise on reading Beyond Education, for it covers much more as regards life lessons.
Ultimately, the upshot of all this is to give the reader a sneak peek into the content of this unique book, in that it highlights some subjects of paramount importance in everyday life that, alas, aren’t given their due prominence in our education carriculum.